Platinum Level
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Platinum Level is a new concept of tailor-made products to upscale your corporate image. They are designed together with your marketing team and it involves: Unique folders for institutional brochures, merchandising for trade-shows & corporate events, biddings, board presentations, and many other uses you may imagine. Customized block-books are one of the products to be highlighted within this line. These folders contain a letter-size note-pad, a pen & institutional brochures. They have been conceived as corporate gifts. Believe it or not! Your logo will stay on the desk of the receiver forever.

The desk-blotters are a sleek way to keep your furniture safe, both desk & meeting-room tables. They also help you upgrade the furniture quality. It can be personalized with your company logo. Our Signature Book has become an iconic product due to who have signed them: from presidents to religious leaders. They have become a MUST HAVE for all companies or meetings were personalities are expected. They rock the world!


“Quality is our best guarantee for our customers´s loyalty, our stronguest defense against competition & the only path for growth & benefits”. JACK WELCH


Our custom-made folders are manufactured with imported leatherette, authentic leather or plain or textured vinyl cloth. Color & size to choice. Blind-debossing, silver, gold, black or copper foil stamping or metal plates for your logo. We make your ideas a reality.

”It always seems impossible until it's done”. NELSON MANDELA


The Great Menu is specialized in top quality diploma & award certificate covers. We have a wide array of colors, fabrics & models. We want your institution’s award ceremony to be a unique event.


Our blotters are hand-made with the excellence of our artisan’ skills. They are custom-made wit assorted fabrics, colors & sizes based on our clients’ needs.


Our signature books have been conceived to capture your guests’ greetings at openings; vernissages, family, social or corporate celebrations; product start-ups; festivities. Anything goes in order to keep your memories in your hands, not in the cloud. We hand make them as real jewelry pieces in faux leather or texture vinyl cloth, manually sew the inside pages & deboss your logo or name on the cover. At The Great Menu details are very important. Padded or hardcover. Manufactured with faux leather or texture vinyl cloth. Assorted colors & textures.


Blind-debossing over assorted leatherette
Cooper debossing over leather
Black color debossing over texturised vinyl paper.

Mate aluminium plate, color engraving & varnishing.
Fucsia silk-screen on leatherette.
Logo placement

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